About the Blog

Maybe you’re one of those people who thinks theatre isn’t for you. You don’t like musicals, have never seen a play, and never tried out. And that’s okay! This is where I come in.

Theatre has a lot to offer people. You don’t have to step on stage in front of 100 people. However there are some parts of theatre, like team work, public speaking, imagination, and technical skills that come in handy in the adult world.

I believe that theatre and nutrition education go hand in hand. Center Stage Nutrition is all about putting health back in the spotlight. For you and your teen to live a healthy life, you need to work together to decide what that means to you. If you have a busy schedule, or your teen seems grumpy 24/7, or you don’t even know where to start, never fear. There is a spot in this world for you.

Theatre and nutrition are for everyone.

What are we gonna talk about? 

Great question! Here’s some of the things this blog is going to talk about:

  • Theatre and theatre education
  • Vegan diets for everyone (both athletes and non-athletes)
  • Wellness:
    • Sleep health
    • Emotional health
    • Stress relief
  • LIFE!!!
  • Answering questions you send in (see below!)

If you want to know about me, you can read more here!

Contact me here and ask me a question YOU have about living a healthy life– remember, everyone starts somewhere!