Book review: “Women, Food, and God” by Geneen Roth

Courtesy of Simon & Schuster’s website

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“Because if you force and deprive and shame yourself into being thin, you end up deprived, shamed, fearful person who will also be thin for 10 minutes.”

I remember someone talking about Geneen Roth’s books in an intuitive eating group I’m a part of on Facebook. Since I graduated college and could use my home library once more, I started with this book since I’ve been looking more into books on religion and eating habits.

Well, I can tell you right now, Roth’s idea of “God” is not that of any religion. Instead, God is more of a presence to her. Which I have no problem with, but it was a bit off putting to have that instead of what I expected. It was less a problem of “her religion is WROOONG” and more “oh, that’s…not what I expected”.

Other than that, I found this a quick and thoughtful read. For those who are starting to look into Intuitive Eating, or are looking to stop dieting, it might be worth adding this to your “to read” list.

Fair warning, Geneen does talk about weight loss and how stopping compulsive eating could help you lose weight. If you’re just starting your journey into mindful eating, I would recommend waiting a little before you start this book to avoid being triggered into the diet mentality again.

Roth won’t hold your hand on how to stop compulsive eating, but she’ll provide some ideas and guidelines behind the WHY of your eating habits. Think of this more as a foundation to start dissecting your eating habits.

“Eat what you want when you’re hungry, feel what you feel when you’re not”.

I would definitely recommend this book. This is as much a book about eating as it is a book about being present, mindful, and honest about your emotions.

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